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HERO Schoolhouse Blend Light Roast Coffee

Schoolhouse Blend

Start your mornings off the right way with a cup (or two) of our Schoolhouse Blend and you’ll be prepped and ready to take on even the most rambunctious class of kindergarteners.

Light Roast

Roasted to a light level, this blend is a crowd favorite. You will enjoy every sip of this single-origin Central American coffee that has a sweet chocolate and caramelized sugar flavor with a hint of dark cherry. Schoolhouse Blend invites you to remember that your everyday coffee ritual can be so much more than just dark liquid in a mug to get you through the day.

You Buy. We Give.

With your purchase of Schoolhouse Blend we will donate our coffee to local schools for its teachers to enjoy as a thank you for all that they do.

Our Mission

We are on a mission toHelpEveryoneRemain Operational. From the coffee fields to the frontline workers, and everyone in between, your purchase makes you a HERO to these everyday heroes. Enjoy each freshly brewed cup as a reminder that you are directly helping in making a difference, no matter who you are.

Premium Quality Guaranteed

We put our full-hearted efforts into assuring you're getting a top-of-the-line product. This means we test our clothing to assure durability and comfort and only use the highest quality materials and inks.